"I really hate this modern idea of dating. Asking someone to hangout with some sort of vague terminology so as to avoid any sort if commitment to even the idea of dating. “Let’s chill”. As if that really means anything. You don’t go out to a restaurant or movie or even a bar, you go to each other’s houses and hookup. Afterwards, if you’re lucky, you get a lift to the nearest public transit station. That’s the modern romance. Your Prince Charming is an adolescent fool who’s been raised in a society that has given up on the idea of a connection with a fellow human being. His white stallion is the bus stop down the street from his house that you walk to in last night’s clothes and true love’s kiss is a pair of fumbling, groping impersonal hands that leave you feeling less than satisfied. A physical romp is an expectation, an assumption, not a perk. The question is no longer “Where did you grow up?” it’s “Do you have a condom?” Gone are the days of sitting across from one another and getting lost in conversation. Gone are the days of hand holding and declarations of feelings. In this day and age, we don’t define our relationships. We don’t want the responsibility. We don’t want to open ourselves up to the possibility of getting attached and then being let down, so we close ourselves off to the possibility of falling in love."

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Am I the only one who makes plans to change my life right before I fall asleep??

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